Standing My Ground My pregnancy was pretty straight forward, I was very lucky. At my 32 week GP appointment my scan showed that my baby was in a complete breech position. I had thought that she was because I never felt movements under my ribs. He told me not to worry because he had even faith that she would turn, there was nothing in the way and she had plenty of room. I had a gut feeling that she wouldn't, so I started researching, most of what I found led to a c-section, which was the last thing I wanted. At my next appointment with him I was 36 weeks, I hadn't noticed any difference but was still hoping. But she hadn't turned. He pushed me through for a full scan for better measurements etc and explained that I could have an ECV or a caesarean. I was pretty emotional and cried a bit so I didn't ask any questions. He made an appointment for me on the following Monday with an OB at Armadale, but let me know I could back out at any time. When I got home I researched ECVs and was instantly relieved as it didn't seem invasive and I was confident it wouldn't end with complications. On the Monday I went to my appointment, my ECV was unsuccessful and my fluids were unusually low, she thought perhaps my waters had broken and that's why she couldn't turn, again alarming c-section bells. But it came back negative. Dr F gave me information on my options which included a breech birth!!!!! I had to make extra appointments to monitor her in case my fluid dropped more! Dr F advised me to stop working and to rest and drink more water & that she would try an ECV again if I wanted, providing my fluids were up more. We made an appointment for the next week. I did exactly what she said, including exercises to encourage my baby to turn, but I still felt no change. I was 37+weeks at this appointment. When I got there, Dr F wasn't there and I had to see a male doctor, he came in looked at my paperwork an instantly said "Oh, you’re having a c-section". I said “No I'm not. I'm trying for an ECV”. He seemed annoyed that I said this, and told me there was no point, it was a waste of time. I was furious and asked him to call Dr F. He said, "She will say the same as me". My fluids had gone up by 80! So I couldn't understand what his problem was. He came back in shortly after and said she agreed to try tomorrow! Yay! He then went on to say how I would need a caesarean and tried to book the date. I refused. I went home and researched all night, with fear of another unsuccessful ECV. And it was. Dr F was great. She really understood why I wanted to try the procedure and why I wanted a breech birth if it didn’t work. Not only did she not force me into a caesarean but she spoke to me about options for a breech vaginal birth! However it would need to be at King Edward. I was thrilled! She gave me a referral and said they would get to me urgently as week 38 was nearing. I called King Edward every day multiple times for 5 days in a row because I had heard nothing! They kept telling me they hadn't received my referral. I would call Armadale and they would tell me they would re-do it but that it definitely was sent. By the 5th day I was more than annoyed and I drove to Armadale hospital instead of calling for them to send it again! They did. I called King Edward half an hour later and they had received it! I had an appointment for Monday morning at 9am! Finally! This would be 38+3 days. On the Saturday night I started feeling tightenings. They lasted for 45 seconds every 5 minutes. On Sunday morning I woke up and they were still there. It was bearable and because I didn't want a c-section I wasn't going to rush to hospital because I knew what they would say, that is, "emergency caesarean". Then I lost my plug.... The tightenings felt slightly stronger too so reluctantly I called Armadale hospital and told them. The midwife told me I would need to come up for an assessment but that she thought I was in early labour and I would need a caesarean. I told her how I was waiting for my appointment at King Edward to be assessed and accepted for a breech birth. She said she would call them and find out who was on there and if it was an option. She called me back after a few minutes and told me nobody was on who was experienced enough and apologised. She also said that because my referral hadn't been received until late and that I hadn't had that Monday morning appointment yet that they wouldn't accept me anyhow. I was a mess. I packed my bag and cried the whole way there. When I got there she assessed me and I was 2cm dilated, 25% effaced. So she went to get the doctor. He sat down and immediately he said, “ok so I assume you know you need a caesarean”. I was crying and couldn't speak so I just shook my head at him. He proceeded to tell me how I needed one, it was an emergency and that every second I'm hesitating I'm putting my baby at risk. He told me I was foolish to think of a breech birth and he tried to speak to my partner for reasoning. My partner hid behind me because I'd told him for weeks I wasn't doing it and I believed in a breech birth. The doctor kept pushing me and pushing me and then came back with equipment to prep me for a c-section on the spot, as he said I wouldn't make the night without having her. He left to give us a "moment". I was so upset and distraught, I couldn't believe what was happening and that despite all the research I had done that nobody was supporting me or even giving me the option. I kept thinking I'm going to have to go home and have her in my bed by myself!!!! The midwife came back in, feeling sorry for me, I imagine because I was balling. I stopped being upset and started getting angry! How can they force me into this? The doctor came back in with papers for an "elective c-section" and this made me even angrier. I gave them back and told him I won't be having one. He looked frustrated to say the least. And again kept pushing it on me. I told him that he was wrong and that I could have her breech and there was no emergency. I could tell he was getting mad but I didn't care. He said that he wanted me to stay overnight for observation because he believed she was coming and that he would need to give me a c-section but would prefer to do it on the spot as it would be safer than leaving it to later in labour. He left again. I'm not sure why. The midwife then came in on her own and I started asking her questions. I thought that was my best bet! I asked her if I could just go to King Edward and just refuse the c-section. She looked at me a little odd and then said she couldn't tell me much because it would jeopardise her job. But she did explain duty of care to me. And I leapt at that. I put my clothes back on and got ready to leave as the male doctor came back in. He brought with him some instruments to show me what would he used!!! He asked what I was doing and I told him how I was leaving and I would have my breech birth at King Edward. His face was priceless! He was so angry with me and I couldn't be happier! He said he would call King Edward and let them know I was going so he left the room and the midwife bought the discharge papers in for me. I signed them. The doctor came back in telling me that king Edward were mad and that they didn't want me there and not to be surprised when they’re rude. This made me nervous. But I left nonetheless. As we were leaving a lady from King Edward called me. She seemed thrilled we were going and couldn't wait to meet me. I wasn't in a rush so we went back home for dinner and to the shops for a few things before we made the drive! When we got there the lady I spoke to met us. She was lovely and she explained the reason why c-section was pushed these days which was all things I had read. But she didn't try and convince me at all, she just said "I hear you want a breech birth though". I said yes. She had delivered a few she said and they were fine! I told her how the doctor at Armadale said they were mad etc. She looked puzzled and told me she was the one who spoke with him and she wasn't the slightest bit mad and that she respected my decision. I felt so at ease and so happy I had my chance back! I had an option! I had a choice! And I was going to experience everything I thought I would miss out on. She said she would come back to check on me. She was gone around 5 hours because she kept getting called for emergencies. By this time I was feeling a lot worse! My waters broke and I wanted pain relief! When she finally came back she assessed me and took me to my labour ward. I was so excited! It was happening! When we got there I called my sister to make her way up. An epidural was inserted. It failed. I could feel everything but my legs. I was terrified and I couldn't walk through them anymore. Her heart rate dropped. They pressed an emergency button and the room filled with about 20 people instantly! A lady started tickling my baby’s bum and her heart rate went back up. They gave me 4 different kinds of pain relief before one even worked. It took 2.5 hours!!! By the time it worked it took 45 mins to get to 10cm and I was ready to push! Yayyyy! They bought in a few more people and I woke my sister and partner up. I started to tear so I opted for an episiotomy… I pushed just under an hour. It was amazing I loved every second of it! She was born at 5.42am and perfect as ever and I could not be any happier!!! I stuck up for what I believed in for the first time in my life and I got it! The experience was surreal and everything I didn't want to miss. There were about 20 midwifes who came to congratulate me and told me how inspiring it was and that they would be talking about it for a long time! That I was famous haha! And to think that the doctor at Armadale said they didn't want me there.... When I got cleaned up the midwife from Armadale had called to see how I went & congratulate me :)